stories untold

Sunday, April 25, 2010
Met an old woman through the boulevard
she complains the world changes.
she tells me of the glory she embraced,
the music, when it sounded better,
the people, when they had little complain.
ah! She longs for those ‘good old days’
she says, that the music sounds strange
and even the weather, she complains
a mind that’s been left far behind
though her body dragged her here
its all the same
through black, green and the blue.

A man’s war is never ending
no one heeds to one last warning
the mighty hole in the sky inflates
look! my neighbour bought his sixth car.
Calculate and congratulate us,
with sights we see
and the new gadget in hand.
Everyone is desperately selling somethin’
Channel five, advertises a new religion
the painted wind pushes and makes me fall
Awing to the electronic black box
Popcorn in my hands and a remote control
But it’s not me, my own president.
whisking black box!
Tomorrow, I say I’ll live my own verve
The idea living in a spider's den
at the back of my cranium,
to shun being trapped and pleasing.

The past will repeat like a layer
one man! master of million slaves
sells himself for million more agreement
No! he wont stop until all head nods.
Jailing and a new law in-print
No! he just wont’ stop until all is one.
But God or is it our own mother
that created us with such love and compassion
She cried when she though of morrow
So she prayed for the infant
Ah! A mother’s heart is the Blue
So we age, ill and become anew.

Trapped in every new love affair
She thinks life is an unending tease
The race started in an elementary school
The chalk dust and the powdered hand
Even after a quarter of her life spent
the constant calls for trial never ends,
This entire taunt must be a preparation?
She thinks, somethin’ strange will clout
through her smugness and comprehension
Silently its rather the hammer she’ll hit.

Miles from here, friends walk
A boy living a month back
A woman’s love holds such power
Like a drug, he must see her again
Like a puzzle, in confusion maze
Freedom! or a new born cage
Please brace yourself now.

Beneath us,
lives, yet another story,
unseen and presumed insignificant.
It started and ends twice a day
and so I should be careful while I walk
though I can’t ban metals running on these streets,
patiently contemplating,
the giant green street signs!