Monday, May 31, 2010
Look what I’ve found
a treasure hidden beneath packed suitcases.
an old photograph of first born fawn
to the world in the summer of 1979.
Looking at me with a nameless glee
he must be only few months old
maybe a year or two!
oh! look how handsome he is,
his adorable eyes, warm face and curly hair
ogleling through the black and white.
a transfusing technicolored person
I do wish I could have known you.
Manipulating promises of otherwise,
You would have been two years older.
I would have had an older brother to love
The days were old and child unimmune
But I never had the chance to meet you,
or embrace this moment that could have been.
I miss you though I never knew you.
I could have turned for your abet
When confused, mad or sad.
You could have given me the wisdom you knew.
or we could have laughed at all the silliness.
Smiling through an old frame, unchanging
a bond that’s forgotten time and space.