down in drown

Monday, May 31, 2010
Did you know how it feels?
to go down in drown
tired and weary insomniac
Infuriating both you and I.

How was I ever found?
Neon machine came tonight
Sparkling darkness ahead
It's the soul underneath your skin.

Can I have a peek?
I want to see a fraction
of things that’ll be done undone
I just don’t know if it's true
they say ‘it’ll be all fine’

Camouflage like the pallid skies
Pale blue, an invited acquaintance
Who advised you to take your leave?
on my knees again
pray, that it’ll stay.

Delayed, moving slower fatality
should it be you
do you think it’ll be ok
But I did look and I find you there
like a cord entwined
how did this ever happen?
I think I do believe
when you say ‘it’ll be fine’