i'm not

Tuesday, May 25, 2010
I’m not my hair,
Curly, brown or red.
Does it matter if I’ve none?
Will it be better if in copiousness?
I’m more if you can see through.
the curly, brown and red.

I’m not the these skins and bones,
a cover that I’m in,
Don’t pretend like you know
The choices I’ve made and the things I believe.
You’re blind if you see,
Only through the color of this skin.

I’m not my past,
nothing more than layers
of souvenirs and reminiscences,
the things that i've done,
the mistakes i've made
and the battles I’ve won
they do not delineate
mold or explain me!
And does it matter?
You’re wrong if you think I’m yesterday.

Maybe I’m a floating head!
If I don’t watch my reflection,
I’ll forget my face
And amusingly forget how I look.
Is there an I?
But a confluence of fragments
A universe of floating orbs,
with no beginning or an end.
To inspire,
To create,
and playing my part.