mad girl's sing song

Thursday, May 13, 2010
Scanty stolen moment
lived and layered
replays palinode and its just automatic.
The first blink of eyes reads a name
in madness or the sadness
it hovers around.
Emotion averted
to rehearse a somnambulance.
The next meeting will be years from now.
I wonder walking beyond closed doors,
scream loud,
break these barriers.
‘come and join the masquerade’,
they cry in silk and satin.
An escape that’ll last few minutes.
But I should have embrace the firebirds instead,
certain of their return in spring.
collocate features in my head
I forget, as I age and the days add.
Changing with every new experience,
I’ll write a nocturne and amuse myself.
It’ll rewind and replay primitive.
Just like it started, there’s no wane
The common theory is a foul,
through the ruins in my head
and the confusion maze, it lives on.