moment & melodies

Friday, May 7, 2010
White curtain drench down the window pain
a cover to the world behind.

Locked doors and strange music,
trapped inside the walls of white.

The rhyme and reasons sinking,
finding a place there to hide.

Sheltering in and makin’ me home,
there's no need to climb up to the stares of your room.

Strangely, all within my reach
strangely, all a possibility.

here, but only skins and bones,
Dig deep! I’ve disappeared again.

To another friendly place,
to a different world I know.

i guess i’m a frequent visitor
to the world outside these walls.

It’s the music trapped inside this room
It’s the verse, that’s my new companion

revise and repeat till it sinks deep
sheltering and making me home.