Halloween eve song

Monday, March 29, 2010
Keep on walkin to the unknown ground
Singin the tune heard on the radio.
Take a stick, take a stone
start breakin' the transparent wall
Get a little closer to yourself
and call on me across the skies.
Still its an easy chore to play
travellin' back to some other day.
You remember being young and free
but now even your thoughts are weary.
If only the pages turned blank
you'll see the world in a better way.
Helpless and chained to this song
doin' an awkward dance to please some eye
but still you're a closed book
none can read your thought tonight.
Fake a fall, tell a lie
it could work if its worth.
Underneath all those cover
you find another void
there's no escape that you seek
there's no happy endin' i could give
the freedom you'll find in yourself.