too human

Tuesday, June 29, 2010
I would leave it all behind!
Move on without an ounce of feeling,
of having done anything wrong or right.
Words have lost its sense,
spoken far too much without meaning.
the prejudice and the looking glass,
everyone's right to think they're right.
Don’t you agree!
you might if you wear another shoe.
the certainty of uncertainly!
the significance of insignificant!
but i contemplate on this ground I stand,
As i watch the night sky,
open, clear and silent!
a hole in the mist!
i am an eye in the universe,
i should laugh,
it sure should be silly,
the trivial things that ails me,
the cause of jealousy, hate, distrust and anger,
so insignificant and almost microscopic.
but i don’t,
and i won’t,
like a frog living in a pond,
i'm far too human.