these days

Tuesday, July 27, 2010
rush rush rush!
My heart pounds underneath my chest,
blood rush through and through my head.
I am chasing something swift,
Formless, almost invisible!
This needs to be done and
that is still undone.
Its a tale I tell these days.
I know I have to relax,
let the puzzle plunge together.
but time slips out of my hand!
like water held in hand.
i'm moving but time moves faster,
in midst of all the hustle and bustle.
i wonder and i wonder hard.
i think I've set a trip!
to trap myself.
like a moth to the flame.
i think I’m becoming...
blind, deaf and numb.
Chasing in circle.
i know I’m a puzzle piece,
but i wonder if things have to be this!
why does it have to be difficult?
to give it all up.
would it make any difference?
just to dissolve and live my own verve.
my heart still pounds in my chest
Restless! I run a circle again.