times goes by

Tuesday, August 24, 2010
While you are awake
Stay awake and don’t drift into dreams
Don’t sway here and there
but let your thoughts flow and go.

The past is nothing but a dream
Written on an uneven slate of sand
To be washed away by the moving tides
Forgotten or layered in piles.

The future is yet to become
A mold out of the clay
but it is never certain
of what the mold will become.

Focus on the wonderful now
and watch time go in slow motion
there's bigger purpose to life than this
let it unfold in the present.

lying reflection

Monday, August 23, 2010
I’m not what I see in front of me
A reflection that has gnarled before me
I count 21 freckles on my face
And my hair, it's a bad dream.

I’ve always been full figured
but I never liked what I saw
i say hello to another wrinkle
i see them more that a friend.

my eyes are blinded and weary
a chemical reaction, a non-stop metamorphism
I see what I am no more
So I shut my eyes and pretend blind.

i remember...

staring straight into the sun
watching the rain drip from the roof.
Playing rubber band between two polls and
having the best time of my life.

Eating gum worth ten and,
not being able to move my jaws,
blood oozing though and through
pretending while my parents screamed.

Being nearly bitten by a dozen dogs.
Being amazed at the handkerchief rat
Being clueless in grammar class
and watching jelly fishes float by.

but these are fragments of dream.
lock and trapped inside my head,
confused and deceived I am
to the reflection I see before me.

The lost hour

Tuesday, August 10, 2010
A year seems long
but it has ended
and now we wait
for another year to add.

Month changes
with name and tags
different in splendor

and thus it surrenders.

Weeks changes swift
swifter than a month or a year
it ends tarnished
with million things undone.

An hour is all we have
forerunner of a stern motive
panicked asphyxia
draws the hour away.

Countless minute flee!
its just not enough,
but you’re never pleased
so you’ll crave another day.

An innocent second
like a blaze of luminosity
came and went undetected
but you’ll never have it again.