traveling train

Tuesday, April 24, 2012
It certainly is an experience
traveling a thousand miles journey
in a sleeper class train. 

the wait for the train that never comes
till you get weary to look at your wrist.
your wait is done and the train finally comes.

keep an eye on your belongings
for you shall be sorry if you don't
for pickpockets wouldn't miss an opening.

the crowd that pours in like waves to the sea
the colors and the multitude at the platform
rush in hush, some in scurry, others in haze.

It certainly is an experience
traveling from north to south
in a train full of people.

there is no such thing as hunger
the vendor comes non stop
shouting tea, coffee, snacks and meals

the people you meet, you shall remember
if you listen, you will hear wondrous stories
some of broken heart, others of a venture

if you open your heart, it shall be filled
with the sights moving around you
the sound of train that rolls through the night

it is like traveling in a moving house
there's a party and everyone is invited
on a thousand miles journey.


Monday, April 23, 2012
I hate inconsistency in human being
falling in and out of love so easily and wearily
give yourself some time before you hurry and scurry
but then change, they say is part of human nature.

I hate how people can easily choose to forget
and won't acknowledge the past
for without it there is no present nor the future
but then moving on, seems to be the best way to look ahead.

I hate how people easily squander what is in hand
and won't appreciate your lovers embrace
for once its gone, you sure are done
but then mistakes does makes us grow.