Wednesday, March 6, 2013

fear holds me down
an invisible chain
holding me to the ground.
casting a dark shadow
blinds me to the light ahead.

i have created a monster
from the depths of my mind
i've given it a name.
it shouts and screams
feeding on my insecurities.
becoming stronger
as i give in,
day by day...

i sit back,
step outside of myself.
watching the whole process,
i then wonder what it is,
without its name,
and the image i have created.


There is growth in battle and in experience
That’s what I think,
that’s what I believe.

If you let things go by,
Resisting, restraining and holding it all in,
choosing to learn from what you hear
what you read and what others tell,
Is that learning?
Is there real growth?

A preacher is easy to find
They sure have lot to say
But won’t you put it to test?
And watch things as it is.
Won’t you live the verve…
this so called life.

We live in contradiction
We choose convenience to everything.
Love, do we really understand it?
As things are now
It is constrained,
Boundaries, limitation,
fear and contradiction
Can one overcome these,
and experience what is real,
wholesome, limitless,
free, bold and open
without condition and contradiction.